> Wordreference:  Very good English-Spanish bilingual dictionary. Also monolingual. 

> TheFreeDictionary:  Excellent monolingual dictionary. 

> Cambridge Dictionaries Online:  Direct access to Cambridge Advanced Learner´s Dictionary. Some other monolingual dictionaries (Learner´s, American English, Idioms, Phrasal Verbs), plus a Spanish-English bilingual one, also available.

> Oxford Dictionaries:  Excellent monolingual dictionary and thesaurus.

> Oxford:ñol-ingles/  Very good Spanish-English dictionary.

> Collins  Access to Collins dictionaries: very good monolingual and bilingual dictionaries, plus a thesaurus, a translator and a grammar section.

> Merriam-Webster Online:  Pronunciation (with sound), etymology, a built-in thesaurus and a bilingual Spanish-English dictionary. 

> Onelook:  Thousands of words indexed from hundreds of dictionaries. Both general and specialty dictionaries, monolingual and bilingual.

> Wordmagic:  English-Spanish. Bilingual. 

> Newbury House Dictionary of American English: Monolingual dictionary of American English.

> Thesaurus: Contains General English Dictionary (including pronunciation and sound) and Enclyclopedia.

> Visual Dictionary:

> Snappywords:  Visual dictionary.

> Collocations:


> Foreignword:  Global dictionary to search in 275 dictionaries on the Internet and translate from 69 source languages into 73 target languages.

> Diccionario httpp://  31 bilingual dictionaries in different languages, including a Spanish-English one. Colloquial and dialectal terms, technical and specific language, synonyms, sample sentences, pronunciation, etc.

> Woxicon:  Online dictionary and translation. English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

> AlphaDictionary:  Alpha dictionary language directory. Online links to dictionaries and grammars in over 100 languages. 

> Linguee:  Translation tool combining an editorial dictionary and a search engine with which you can search billions of bilingual texts for words and expressions


> Specialty Dictionaries
 (Alpha Dictionary´s listing):  Over 100 different fields: Botany, Accounting, Environment, etc.

> TheFreeDictionary:  Contains links to Thesaurus, Computing, Medical, Legal, Financial Dictionaries, Idioms, Encyclopedias, etc.


>  Online etymology dictionary.


> Encyclopedia Britannica Online:

> Wikipedia:  The largest encyclopedia on the Internet. Over 1,170,000 articles in English.

> Simple English Wikipedia:  A a simplified version, for beginners, elementary and low intermediate students

>  Look for the information you need: language, geography, culture and many other different fields.